Tevatron Technologies(A registered private limited company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India) is a Design and Product Company focused on VLSI Design, FPGA Based Design & Embedded Systems and nurturing the ecosystem for the same.

Tevatron Technologies Semiconductor expertise spans FPGA based Design , VHDL / Verilog RTL Development & Verification, CMOS Layout & PCB Design. Our Embedded Software expertise ranges from Firmware & Device Drivers Development, RTOS Porting to Embedded Reference Board Development on microcontroller, ARM processor and DSP processor based platform.

Company Vision

Tevatron Technologies Vision is to be an end-to-end provider of ESDM( Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing) and IoT including concept to prototype; prototype to product development, in the process also transforming the technology delivery landscape and the ecosystem.

Unique PS2 Based Approach:

  • Product Development(P)
  • Services(S)
  • Skill Development(S)




Tevatron VLSI Chip Design Group:  Offers complete Chip Design expertise from RTL to GDSII implementations in 28nm, 32nm, 45nm technology nodes including pre and post-silicon testing & FPGA/Emulation based prototyping. Expertise includes Front End Design and Verification; as well as Backend Design and Physical Implementation.

Tevatron Embedded & Platform Design Group:  Offers wide expertise in developing Board Support Package, firmware, Device Drivers, Middleware components, Application on various hardware platform and RTOS flavors.

Tevatron Outsourced Product Development Group:  Offers Best ROI in terms of Concept to Product Development by providing end to end Software, Firmware, Hardware Design, Development & Productization of Idea. Expertise in developing multi-layer boards by taking into consideration Device Characterization, DFT and DFM requirements, design evolution/succession requirements and the need to realize optimized BOM.

Tevatron Skill/Competency Development Group: Provides quality, industry & placement oriented skill building/enhancement solutions to educational institutes and students so as to enhance the ecosystem and make students Industry Ready.