Tevatron Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (A registered private limited company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India)  is a Design and Product Company focused on VLSI Design, FPGA Based Design & Embedded Systems and nurturing the ecosystem for the same.


Tevatron Technologies CSR Programs focus on creating best engineers for future.
At Tevatron Technologies we are focusing in providing better technical education to students while sponsoring them.

We are focusing on:

1)     Women Education in Technical Areas:

2)     Technical education to students.

3)     STEMROBO: STEM: Science, Technology, and Engineering & Maths for school children’s.


Women Education in Technical Areas:

Under Tevatron Technologies CSR Program we encourage women candidates to Learn & grow.
Every year from various colleges, institutions of repute, we take bright women candidates wherein providing & sponsoring them in their trainings in the field of: Electronics, Robotics, VLSI, and IT Domain.

Our main motive is to encourage women candidates in these areas. Secondly encourage them to become an entrepreneur. We are also running special training modules for women candidates from weaker section of society and helping them to nurture their future. We not only train them but give them opportunity to work with us.


Technical Education for students & Sponsoring Electronic & IT projects:

We encourage students and Professionals who thinks beyond limitations. Under technical education we help and sponsored those who believe in creating wonders through their ideas which they can reflect in through electronic & IT Project. We nurture their dream why providing better mentorship and through sponsoring their projects. Our motive behind this program: “ENGINEERS CAN CREATE WONDERS. THEY CAN BUILD WHAT WE DREAM. OPPORTUNITIES ARE GROWING LET’S CONTRIBUTE IN “MAKE IN INDIA” Concept.


STEMROBO: STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths for school children’s.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths for school children’s is one of our program that we are working on it. Under this program we provide trainings to school children’s in Robotics & IT domain. Our motive behind this activity is to train children’s while providing them more awareness in related field. We are working in various schools in every region while providing students trainings in this area. We have taken an initiative under CSR activity that we would adopt 1 school in every state and train those young aspiring students to next level.