Project Description

Customer Profile
Company is a high end supplier of solution for Smart Meter Based Power Exchange.

Business Issues
The Company wanted to launch a Customized and Automated product that can act as an add on interface to an existing Smart Meter; and can act as IoT platform.

Our Solution
Tevatron Technologies team of Embedded Systems Engineers engaged with the customer’s project managers and senior management in understanding the exact requirement. Tevatron team was led by a Senior Technical Manager with more than 15 years of experience in designing Embedded end to end Design solutions and Products. The team identified key requirements:

  • Energy Meter to be interfaced using MODBUS
  • Ability to transfer data via GPRS
  • Data to be collected at Server end and can used to perform analytics
  • Dual communication to be achieved

In consultation with the Senior Management, the team identified STM32 based ARM Processor as the preferred solution for addressing the requirements.

The team finally evolved the following scenarios and features
  • Energy meter Data Logger is a device that is based on GPRS module, by which it can send the performance analysis of energy meter to the server. It enhances your capability monitor, analyze and control the performance of your process remotely, from any place in world
  • The Energy Meter Data Logger can be configured as stand-alone data logger with option of either Sending data to TCP/IP server or Receiving data from TCP/IP server