Tevatron Technologies is a Design Company focused on VLSI Design, FPGA Based Design & Embedded Systems and nurturing the ecosystem for the same.

Tevatron Technologies Semiconductor expertise spans FPGA based Design , VHDL / Verilog RTL Development & Verification, CMOS Layout & PCB Design. Our Embedded Software expertise ranges from Firmware & Device Drivers Development, RTOS Porting to Embedded Reference Board Development on microcontroller, ARM processor and DSP processor based platform.

Emphasising on innovative design services, Tevatron Technologies is actively positioned to service the needs of high end technology industry. The company is also focused on bridging the existing gap between industry and academia by giving proper, customized and industry oriented skill building solution for colleges & students.

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Tevatron Technologies leadership team comes with decades of industry experience. The leadership team comprises of professionals with over 30 man years’ experience in the Areas of VLSI and Embedded Systems spanning multiple process nodes and design methodologies.

Tevatron Technologies is led by industry veterans who have mixed experience of industry and academia and this unique set of combination puts Tevatron in a different league.

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