Embedded & Product Design Services

Our Embedded Systems Design services can assist with the development of your embedded system. Our designers use microcontrollers and microprocessor or even custom design chips along with appropriate operating systems. Our team of designers, with their immense industry experience, brings to you the best designs and development services created out of state-of-the art technologies and methodologies. Whether your requirements are of a simple design or a complex one, we can address your specific needs. We put together various components of the embedded system, develop the application code, and perform support qualification testing and system integration.

Our Embedded Systems Design Services

Embedded Systems design engineers are a diverse group of engineers that have worked with computer hardware, software, algorithms, interface electrics and resident application experience. This experience, combined with our design processes, make for successful projects with our customers.

Embedded Systems design services that we offer include:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Definition
  • Design algorithms
  • Design Microprocessor (if required)
  • Develop Sensors/Actuators
  • Circuit design
  • Real-time software
  • GUI and Tool development
  • Mechanical Packaging Design
  • Documentation

Our Embedded Systems Development Services

Being a globally acclaimed company, we have well defined processes for all of our development projects. Giving our customers all-inclusive design packages which makes your task easier is our goal. Below is a sample of some of the industries we serve.

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Communications
  • Medical
  • Appliances

Why Choose Our Embedded Systems Services

We bring to you the top Embedded Systems developers and designers, Embedded & Product Design Services consultant  who have experience in all the required engineering disciplines that make for a successful project. Our objective is to have a long-term partnership with our customers, which means that we ensure that we provide you highest quality services that will yield benefits.

Here are some highlights of our services,

  • Embedded Systems Design & Development from experienced specialists
  • Experience with latest technologies used in development of embedded systems
  • Flawless internal processes which ensure high quality work
  • Use of best techniques, technology and methodologies
  • Cost-effective

We make the best usage of technology, resources and latest methods to bring our customers design of embedded systems throughout the world.

Hardware Design Services

Over the years, Tevatron Technologies has facilitated hardware design and development for 50+ products in many sectors such as Automotive , Medical , Defense , Agriculture , wearable electronics, home automation, secured security/surveillance applications.

  • Architecture Design & Feasibility Analysis
  • Single layer to Multi Layer PCB Design
  • Embedded controller & processor based Design
  • High Speed Design
  • Low Power Design
  • Power Supply Design
  • RF Design
  • Design Validation & Compliance
  • Low & High Volume Manufacturing
  • STM32, TI, Intel, NXP, Analog Devices
  • ARM, AVR, Nexperia, Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Embedded Linux, Nucleus, pSOS, eCos
  • Device Drivers
  • Peripheral and I/O Drivers
  • RAM and Flash based file system
  • USB, I2C, SPI